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Hi-Speed TRAFFIC GPS - iGO Primo 2

Hi-Speed TRAFFIC GPS - iGO Primo 2

Evolio Hi-Speed TRAFFIC is the first GPS that allows navigation optimized depending on traffic conditions in Europe and Romania

Evolio Hi-Speed TRAFFIC is the first GPS that allows navigation optimized depending on traffic conditions in Europe and Romania.

Hi-Speed TRAFFIC integrates information obtained through the TMC (Traffic Message Channel) or by using an algorithm called ultra-advanced Intuitive Traffic Assistance where TMC signal is not available.

With Hi-Speed TRAFFIC GPS, you will benefit from real-time traffic information via TMC for free in the following countries: Hungary, Slovenia and Ireland.

Evolio Hi-Speed TRAFFIC GPS is based on a very fast processor available for GPS: SiRF Atlas V 664 MHz and runs iGO Primo 2 software navigation.

Hi-Speed TRAFFIC is equipped with software navigation software iGO primo 2 which gives you innovative and updated information to enhance your travels, comprising 43 countries.

iGo Primo 2 combines ease of use due to friendly interface with a host of new features including: alternative routes, insight route recalculation, realistic visualization of intersections, changing lanes assistance, alert to speeding.

- Music Player, Video, Documents, Pictures, e-Book reader, calculator;
- Fuel consumption, trip register, information about traffic laws in each country;
- Converter units, information about clothing measures in different countries, information on sunrise and sunset.

Evolio Hi-Speed TRAFFIC has guaranteed the latest version of the map available at the time of purchase!

Free update for 12 months for maps of Romania, Hungary and Ukraine.

Package Contents: car charger, windshield suction mount, USB cable and warranty certificate.

5 years Warranty!
*the warranty for battery is for 12 months

You can benefit from a full range of Accessories for Evolio Hi-Speed TRAFFIC GPS


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