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Evolio to launch a smartwatch with up to 30 days self-support

Bucharest, August 2016. Evolio announces the launch of X-fit, a smartwatch thatstands out for its stylish design, wireless charging and up to 30 days self-support.

The new smartwatch comes with a 31x33 mm, E-ink display and is only 9.8 mm thick. The gadget connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and automatically sends notifications for missed calls, SMS or various alarms.

X-fit monitors the user's physical activity and displays the number of steps taken, the distance travelled, the speed of movement and the number of calories burned. Changing the windows that display the various parameters is just one touch away. The E-ink display provides the user with a clear view of the menu, regardless of the screen viewing angle or the sunlight intensity. Depending on your preferences, the screen background may be customized in black or white.

X-fit brings as novelty in the Evolio wearables category of devices, the wireless charging mode, which is activated by simply placing the watch in a "docking" system.

The new smartwatch is water resistant, with an ingress protection rating of IPX4.

"Evolio X-fit rewrites the standards of comfort and usability for wearables devices, through both the ergonomic design and simplified menu, and through the extended self-support and wireless charging. The wearables market in the first half of 2016 reached 32,000 units, up by 500% compared to the same period last year. The trend will also continue in 2017, when we estimate an increase of 300%, as compared to 2016. We want to strengthen the Evolio presence the wearables segment and reach a market share of 20%, so we shall continue to bring new models to complement the range", says CEO & Founder Liviu Nistoran.

Evolio X-fit features a smartphone application that allows the user to manage and store the data recorded by the watch. The gadget is compatible both  with Android and iOS operating system, starting with Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0 versions.

The smartwatch will be available in the main retail networks at the price of 40 Euro, starting on 15th of  September.

Evolio X-fit can be purchased with special discounts by placing pre-order on evolioshop.com, starting 1st of September.

Thus, for the second watch purchased the discount is 50%. If a client you purchases a single item, he is granted with a discount of 10%.                                                                                                  

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