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X-Watch Pro Smartwatch, Camera, SIM

X-Watch Pro Smartwatch, Camera, SIM

Watch X-Pro is a SmartWatch with premium finishes and top specifications.

Watch X-Pro is a SmartWatch with the current design, premium finishes and top specifications. The gadget allows the user to be connected smartphone or through a touch of the touchscreen.

Phone calls and notifications
With the included SIM slot can be used both as a phone itself and in connection with the user's smartphone via Bluetooth. You can make calls, you answer or send sms using only 1.54 inch IPS screen clock. Moreover, the gadget's color screen displays real-time notifications for emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype.

The user knows at any time how active was during the day so that the gadget track the number of steps in a certain time. Meanwhile, X-watchPro tells you when and if necessary to take measures to improve sleep quality.

Expanded connectivity
x-Watch PRO allows playback audio files through built-in speaker, it features SD card slot and WiFi. The gadget is compatible with newer versions of Android 4.3 or iOS 7.

When the smartphone is connected to remove user starts theft alert. Also, the clock receiving room for photos and videos discrete.



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