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X-Watch S Smartwatch, IPS, SIM

X-Watch S Smartwatch, IPS, SIM

X-Watch S is an elegant, discreet smartwatch, with a 1.3 inch full circular IPS screen and top quality finishes.
The style that fits you 
X-Watch S is an elegant, discreet smartwatch, with a 1.3 inch full circular IPS screen and top quality finishes. The new smartwatch is adapt to your style, facilitating both communication and monitoring health parameters.
Keep up with you
With X-Watch S you will know exactly at any time the number of steps and calories burned as a result of physical effort. More care for your health
Heart reat
The heart rate function is very useful, especially if you are a very sought person both physically and emotionally, and the X-Watch S offers you the pulse value at any time. This is the way you can reduce or adjust in a optimal way the physical effort.
The quality of sleep
Sleep is one of the most important factors that influence our health and wellbeing. With informations recorded by the X-Watch S, you can analyze your sleep quality and the hours more or less favorable.
By sedentary alert function, the watch warns you of low physical activity.
Keep you connected
With a SIM slot included, X-Watch S can also be used independently of the smartphone for: making phone calls, communication via SMS and reading the received notifications (emails, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype).
Also the smartwatch has included the options: handsfree and missed calls reminder, which warns you by vibration and sound.
Moments of relaxation
It is well known that music transmits cheerfulness, optimism, having the ability to quickly change anyone's mood. With X-Watch S you will be able to store and play the audio files easily, because the smartwatch has a speaker and a SD card slot included. You can listen to your music via Bluetooth from your phone directly through smartwatch. The gadget is compatible with the newer version of Android 4.3 and iOS 7.


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