Minimalist design

With a 0.86 inches OLED display,the Evolio X-Fit Pro bracelet offers a minimalist and comfortable design and smart features specially designed to maintain your active and healthy lifestyle.

Pulse monitoring

X-Fit Pro gives you the pulse value at any time therefore you can reduce the physical effort or you can optimally dosed it.

Takes care of your health

Evolio X-Fit Pro can tell you exactly how you slept. And when you lose the notion of time and forget to put yourself in motion, X-Fit Pro reminds you of it and warns about your prolonged periods of inactivity.

Suitable in all circumstances

Evolio X-Fit Pro is available in 5 colors: red, violet, turquoise, dark blue and black, so you can take it with you anywhere. For more comfort the strap can be adjusted according to your preferences.