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Evolio launches a smartwatch with GPS designed especially for sports lovers and outdoor activities

X-watch Sport is the latest Evolio intelligent watch model, equipped with a high-precision GPS receiver as well as other sensors.

The new smartwatch model allows accurate geographic location, accurately tracking the movement, and getting in real-time information such as altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature, pulse, etc.

X-watch Sport brings novelty in the Evolio range, the ability to accurately measure movement using the integrated GPS receiver. It allows an accurate calculation of real and implicit power consumption, taking into account both the distance traveled and the altitude difference. X-watch Sport monitors sports like cycling, running, mountain hiking, etc.

Another novelty of the new X-watch Sport is the Dynamic Cardio function, which measures the pulse in real time and continuously.X-watch Sport has an 1.3 inch IPS touch screen with various customizable screens such as sports, classic, chronograph etc.The clock is compatible with the Android and IOS operating systems, and has all the features available on previous models, allowing the user to receive calls and read notifications such as SMS, Facebook, Wathsapp, Skype etc.X-watch Sport features a docking station with battery, which can be used as an external battery, so that the clock can be fully charged at any time. 

"The wearables market recorded a significant advance in the first 4 months of 2017, about 120% over the same period last year. Evolio has made a remarkable success on this market being in the top 3 brands of portable devices. The best-selling smarwatch Evolio is the X-watch Pro with over 20,000 units sold over the past 12 months, " declare Liviu Nistoran, CEO and founder of Evolio."

X-watch Sport will be available starting from June in retail networks at a suggested retail price of 699 lei.
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