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Evolio launches X-Watch M a smartwatch with modern design, SIM and IPS display

Evolio launches X-Watch M a smartwatch with modern design, SIM and IPS display

Bucharest, April 19, 2017, Evolio announces the launch of X-Watch M, a smartwatch with a remarkable modern design, 1.54 inch full circular IPS display, SIM card slot,  smart communication and health monitoring functions.

Via Bluetooth function, the gadget connects to your smartphone and allows you to make phone calls, send SMS and read notifications for emails or various applications such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, skype.

With the SIM card slot included, X-Watch M can also be used independently of the smartphone. The clock behaves like a phone itself, easily performing the same functions as the user’s smartphone via bluetooth connection.

For free of movement and user’s comfort, the watch  has the hands free option included. Missing call function is also available, in which case the smartwatch alerts the user both by the sound and by the vibrations.

X-Watch M is one of the remarkable Evolio smartwatches thanks to its fully circular IPS screen, which allows easy reading of notifications. Changing windows displaying various functions and parameters is done by simply touching the display, and depending on user’s preference, the background of the screen can be customized in one of the three available options.

X-Watch M also has many smart features for monitoring physical activity and user’s health parameters. Thus, through the clock, the user will be able to know at any time: the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, the number of calories consumed, the body temperature, the sleep quality, and the sedentary status.

X-Watch M allows the user easily to store and play audio files, thanks to the fact that the smartwatch has speakerphone and SD card slot. Via  Bluetooth connection, the user can listen to his favorite music from the phone directly through smartwatch. The gadget is compatible with the newer Android and IOS versions.

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