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Evolio is not responsible and assumes no liability for any loss or damage that results from the download and use other software available on other sites besides Evolio.ro. The company does not provide any guarantee about the accuracy, security or utility use services other than those offered by authorized service Evolio.

Evolio is not responsible for the availability of information from other external sites and does not endorse their content.

Warranty Terms

! The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase of the product (tablet, smartphone, GPS, eReader, laptop, telephone, phone, Smart TV Box). The warranty period and standard accessories supplied with this battery is 6 months from the date of purchase of the product.
The average duration of use of the product is 3 years.

Warranty periods listed above are for reference data, with the possibility of variations in these product groups.
For specific details, please refer to the documentation accompanying each product.

General information

Please note the main issues concerning legal rights you have by purchasing a product that EVOLIO.

Product warranty is provided in accordance with Law no. 449/2003 the sale of goods and associated guarantees, republished (r1), OG 21/1992 on consumer protection, republished (r2), as amended and supplemented to the date of sale, the Law 476/2006 and its implementing rules in force date of sale, complete with Certificates of Warranty provisions and instructions of the product delivered to its acquisition.

The warranty period shall be extended downtime of the product, since the date of its surrender for repair and later restoring the condition and the consumer written notice thereof. The extension of the guarantee shall be written in the warranty by authorized service provider who performed the repair under warranty.

EVOLIO products are made up of electronic and mechanical parts that require strict compliance with the conditions of handling, transport, storage, use, connection, maintenance and repair provided in the user manual.

For products that do not comply with the conditions of the warranty or are outside the warranty period, the average duration of use of the product, EVOLIO can provide service for a fee through its network of authorized service centers.

Consumer is guaranteed that during the warranty period specified under normal conditions and use the product in case of nonconformities, they will be removed primarily by repair or, if necessary, replacement, price reduction or a refund, according to the law above mentioned. Removing non-conformities will be authorized Service Centers EVOLIO. The list of authorized service centers mentioned on the website www.evolio.ro. To locate the authorized service centers, you can turn to commercial establishments where the product was purchased.

No application security

Not subject to collateral derived from non-compliance:

    -  product use in applications requiring performance and qualities other than those provided by the class and the purpose for which it is intended for use outside the technical specifications or related;
    - normal wear products (eg. physical wear, mechanical and electrical, while lowering screen brightness);
    - product use in inappropriate conditions (eg voltage improper grounding nonexistent or wrong action shock, vibration, shock and other forms of physical abuse, use of accessories other than those specified by the manufacturer specifications, product use environmental conditions improper - action of chemicals, pollutants, smoke, dust or humidity, failures caused by weather);
    - handling or incorrect installation (eg incorrect installation of batteries or accumulators, using other models of power supplies or accessories not provided or indicated by the manufacturer);
    - wrong settings of the products or programs, malicious, damage or malfunction of the operating system, configuration files or installed programs; using other than original drivers or software provided with the product; any such software or hardware incompatibilities that may occur when using EVOLIO products with other products; Evolio can not be held liable for malfunction done all or part of the software created by third parties (totally or partially incompatible software products Evolio tablets, notebooks, eBook Reader, GPS)
    - thermal damage, mechanical and plastic product due to fire, accident, vibration, weathering, negligence in use or any other factors, independent of the manufacturer
     -  other conditions specified in the warranty accompanying the product

What do I do when I need service

If you need assistance service, contact an Authorized Service Center. Please have your model number, serial number, date and place of purchase, and a brief description of the problem or topic of interest when requesting service.

Warranty products to be sent to our office Cobalcescu Gregory Street No. 39, Sector 1, Bucharest, must be sent by courier DPD Courier and transportation costs are borne by Televoice Grup SRL.

If the product is out of warranty, contact an Authorized Service Center for intervention.
Email: suport@evolio.ro
Phone:: 021.300.2003
Mobil : 0749 136 904


Evolio.ro agrees not to transmit users' personal data to a third party site and to use them only in order to establish contact with its customers, as well as to inform them on issues related to the website functionality  and its offers.

The company will retain your personal data which will be used to inform users about their Evolio account, on the evolution and status of orders, and the evaluation of products and services. Evolio can notify users about current offers through a weekly newsletter, and send greeting cards, gift coupons or other special messages.

By placing an order the user gives his express consent to receive commercial communications.
Evolioshop.com does not promote spam. Any user who explicitly provided his email address on the website Evolioshop.com can choose to delete it from our database.

Also, if users do not wish to receive newsletters from Evolio, they can unsubscribe using the link in the footer of Evolioshop.com newsletter, received by email.

If the user choses to pay online,  the processing of card data is made through PAYU servers and Evolioshop.com does not solicit any details stored on your card.

For information and support, please contact us by email: office@evolio.ro or by phone: 021.300.2004